Guiding Principles…

1.1 A practitioner shall skillfully and caringly practice Reflexology for the benefit of the client. The comfort and welfare of the client shall have priority at all times.
1.2 A practitioner in recognizing the unique nature of the individual, shall provide services with compassion, honesty, integrity, and respect for human dignity, regardless of age, nationality, ethnic origin, color, language, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political views, or physical limitations.
1.3 A practitioner shall be aware of and honor the client-practitioner relationship by developing listening skills and a caring attitude. Client conversations shall be held in strictest confidence except where disclosure is required by law.
1.4 A practitioner shall not diagnose, prescribe, claim to cure, or treat for a specific ailment either in writing or when speaking as determined by law.
1.5 A practitioner shall treat other reflexologists and health care professionals in a courteous and respectful manner at all times by working with them in a cooperative manner, and recognizing and respecting their unique contribution irrespective of their viewpoint.
1.6 A practitioner shall not speak or write disrespectfully of fellow reflexologists either publicly, to reflexology colleagues, or to clients.
1.7 A practitioner shall accurately represent their competence, education, training and experience relevant to their professional practice and perform only that in which they have been specifically trained.

2.1 A practitioner shall during the initial consultation provide an accurate description of services and fees.
2.2 A practitioner, if practicing other therapies, shall make it clear to the client that the other therapy forms no part of reflexology.
2.3 A practitioner who suspects a client is affected by any condition shall refer the client to a physician or other healthcare professionals when appropriate.
2.4 A practitioner shall keep full and accurate records while maintaining complete client confidentiality.

3.1 A practitioner shall work within the guidelines and laws of his/her nation that are applicable.
3.2 A practitioner’s place of business and person shall function under highest hygienic standards.
3.3 A practitioner shall accept the responsibility to maintain his/her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
3.4 A practitioner shall maintain competence by continued study throughout his/her professional life.
3.5 A practitioner shall participate in the profession’s effort to protect the public from misinformation and inform the public about the benefits of reflexology.
3.6 A practitioner shall advertise in an accurate and professional manner for the purpose of informing the public about reflexology and his/her qualifications.
3.7 A practitioner shall not use titles or descriptions that give the impression of being a medical doctor or having other qualification to which he/she is not entitled.

Courtesy of: International Council of Reflexologists

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